We are experienced, knowledgable and trustworthy

For over a decade, we have gained experience providing audio/visual, I.T, network infrastructure, internet services and provision, fibre, IPTV, production, TV, camera, broadcast and streaming services across sporting events worldwide - most notably, we have worked at The Open Championship year after year since we started.

To provide any services for an event, we believe that it is vital to understand every aspect of the event to ensure the project is tailored and delivered with the same vision in mind.

Technology Focused

To provide the best service, we have invested in cutting-edge audio/visual, IT and infrastructure technology. This ensures that we provide a quality, innovative service to enhance our client’s experience, keeping them connected to the event and each other.


We understand that arranging any professional event can be stressful, so we endeavour to provide an efficient, comprehensive service and a reliable support structure.


We have a rounded understanding of the build process at events of all sizes and work closely and productively with fellow contractors in order to deliver a valuable service.


We are mindful of how our service impacts the presentation of your event, so our team of individuals with a strong work ethic provide a service of the highest quality, ensuring that you can rely on us to handle the technological side of any event.


We are all too familiar with situations where things are not exactly going to plan, but because of this familiarity, we have learnt how to deal with any issues quickly and effectively. We adapt to situations, using creative thinking to solve problems instantaneously.

About C3i


Since setting up C3i, Jason and his team have supported events across the world including The BNY Mellon Boat Races, Abu Dhabi Science Festival, Cisco Live, Millennium Stadium Productions, The R&A Amateur Championships, The Walker Cup, Heineken Cup and the Rugby World Cup 2015.

C3i Clients

Working with us

Comprising of a team of flexible, reliable and responsive individuals, C3i is your hub of digital communications; an extension of your team and a fundamental part of your event. 

Every event requires a proactive, flexible, professional and knowledgeable company to provide behind the scenes digital support. We know this from experience, and take great pride in how our work transforms events. We are completely committed to your event, and we are willing to help in whatever area we can, regardless of the challenges we face together.

Our team possess a wealth of experience in all aspects of event management including Corporate Hospitality, Exhibition and Pavillion Management, Team Building, Filming and Post-production, Audio/Visual Supply and Production services.

Meet the management team

Our team share a passion about our service delivery, so your wishes are our priority. 

Jason Hall
Jason Hall
Jason Hall

Jason Hall

After 10 years’ serving in the Royal Marines, Jason used the skills he gained over the decade to take up a job in personal development and team building before transferring these skills to the events industry.

Working with contractors relating to big exhibitions all over the world, Jason spent a good few years running operations behind the scenes of events across Asia, the US and the UAE.

Moving closer to home, Jason worked at Hamilton Rentals for 4 years as the Head of AV and Events division, during which time Jason became involved with The Open. In 2009, Jason set up C3i to cater specifically for The Open and other live events, and has never looked back since.

Jason absolutely loves his team and the variety, challenges, and travel aspect of his work. There are never two days the same when working with live performances and this is what Jason thrives on.

In his downtime, Jason loves to cook (particularly BBQ food), but more recently, he has taken up flying and is working towards his pilot's licence.

If Jason was a superhero, he would be Iron Man, most importantly because he’s a good guy that can fly, but also due to his incredible strength and cheeky side.

Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts
Natalie Roberts

Natalie Roberts

Natalie began her career with an apprenticeship in business, marketing and accounts, but after quickly deciding it wasn’t for her, she became an office manager at a TV production company.

Due to the credit crunch, Natalie was given an ultimatum: learn how to use a camera, learn how to edit or lose your job. After always having an interest in photography, Natalie jumped at the chance to take her career down the camera route.

Building on her skills both creatively and logistically, Natalie worked on 516 TV programmes, including documentaries, live sports, chat shows and quiz shows. In 2013, Natalie started working with C3i, becoming the Managing Director of the newly formed C3i Productions.

Natalie loves working with challenging people, and thoroughly enjoys the creativity that comes with her role due to her natural creative flair.

In her free time, Natalie grows her own chillies and makes hot sauce and jams. She loves her dog, Mimi, her two adopted kittens, and her chameleon, Penelope, nicknamed Lady P. 

If Natalie was a superhero, she would be Mrs Incredible, as not only does she save the world, but she is the glue that holds together her family. 

Richard Simpkins
Richard Simpkins
Richard Simpkins

Richard Simpkins

Rich has always been interested in media and broadcasting, and took a course in the subject at Cardiff College at the very beginning of his career. During his second year, Richard got the chance to work at the BBC in Bristol, which led onto a contract as a production assistant turned runner.

After the contract had ended, Rich went freelance for a year or so, deciding to work in the U.S. Richard moved to the perfect Martha’s Vineyard working on corporate events at the Harbour View Hotel for 2 years before working in the UK and flying across to New York as often as he could for a year.

Rich then got a job at a national AV supplier before going freelance for over 10 years, working for multinational companies across Europe. During this time, Rich met Jason and his team and took his position at C3i.

When not working, Richard used to spend his free time in his dad’s workshop working on restoring cars; but since having a beautiful little girl, he spends his time playing play-doh and taking her to the park. As a treat, Rich also takes his 9 year old nephew go-karting.

If Rich was a superhero, he would be Kickass, an ordinary bloke with no feelings.

Jen Payne
Jen Payne
Jen Payne

Jen Payne

Our newest addition to the team, Jen, graduated from the Welsh College of Music and Drama in 2002 before freelancing in theatre and events for 8 years.

After travelling for 3 years across New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia, working and enjoying the culture, Jen came back to the UK and worked as an Events Manager for Orchard Media and Events for 6 years.

Jen went back to freelancing for clients such as the Hay Festival and Abergavenny Food Festival before coming to C3i as our Production Manager in early 2017. In her spare time, Jen volunteers for the RNLI Penarth and drives up to Basingstoke to go indoor skydiving as often as she can. Despite her love for skydiving, you won’t find Jen bungee jumping!

If Jen was a superhero she would be called Cheese Girl, due to her strong, unbreakable love for cheese. 


C3i work with the finest professionals in all areas of the event management industry. If you’re got heaps of energy, a love of all things technological and a real desire to always strive for perfection, we would love to hear from you. 

As and when specific vacancies become available, we will post details here. But in the meantime, if you’re interested in working for C3i, just drop us a line - it’s always good to connect.

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