After watching the world become more and more dependent on the internet, Fan engagement and social media sharing, we spotted the need for people to get online even in remote locations. From that day forward C3i have provided event specific Wi-Fi wherever your event location.

Safe and reliable

As more people, companies and organisations are looking to connect safely and securely to one another online, we aim to become the passage for every connection made. Providing a reliable WiFi connection in a high density event environment is far from easy.

A quality WiFi connection that isn’t slow and frustrating requires an experienced team of network engineers using the very latest technological equipment to achieve success.

Using our technical team’s expertise and latest tech, we can connect people across the world to the internet. Whether you are hosting a VIP hospitality party, a sporting event or a conference, we can give the public an unbeatable WiFi experience.

We offer a reliable WiFi service to venues, businesses and event companies, using our skills and resources to get you connected wherever you are and to get you connected quickly and safely.

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