Get your customers involved and they will love you for it.

Get your customers involved and they will love you for it. The interactive touch screen solutions which are available for hire from C3i Hire will add a real point of difference for your event or product launch.

Interactive and multi-touch screens draw visitors in, allowing them to fully immerse themselves and have a completely personalised event experience. We have a range of different, high quality interactive and multi-touch solutions available, all of which help our clients to achieve the very best digital experience.

Our rental stock is specifically chosen to be of the highest professional quality and is updated regularly to meet our clients’ requirements and keep up with technology.

As with all of our rentals, each and every piece of interactive and touch screen equipment is checked and tested before being shipped to ensure optimum reliability. We will also deliver the equipment the day before your event, in order to give you plenty of time to set up and practise.

If you need some help, there’s no need to panic. We have a widely experienced crew with specific expertise that are only a phone call away. We also offer a full installation and support service.